PNAC recommends Accreditation of National Proficiency Testing (PT) Scheme at National Physical & Standards Laboratories (NPSL)

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The Lead and Technical Assessors from PNAC conducted the final assessment of the National PT provider housed at the NPSL on 29th & 30th March 2016. They recommended that Accreditation be granted to this PT Scheme to ISO 17043, following the closure of a few minor non-conformities. This in itself is a major achievement and now the numerous accredited laboratories in Pakistan will be able to participate in the PT scheme locally reducing their overhead costs for participation in comparison to international PT schemes, reducing the turnaround time for the analysis of PT results to be communicated to the labs and more importantly allows Pakistan to save up on the foreign exchange that the laboratories would need to spend to participate in international PT schemes.

Through the commitment of the PCSIR and the Ministry of Science & Technology, complemented by the technical assistance and trainings provided under the EU-funded TRTA II programme, this PT scheme will now be self-sustainable after 3 years. This was made possible by MoST when it approved a 3-year PC1 project worth USD 550,000 to establish the National PT Scheme at NPSL.

Today, Pakistan has two accredited PT schemes, one in the public sector and one in the private sector, which will create a healthy competitive environment with prospects of growth, development and employment generation.