The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development in Pakistan. The specific purpose is to support economic integration of Pakistan into the global and regional economy and to stimulate decent work and employment creation by increasing exports and enabling climate for international trade. The programme activities are being implemented through three components.

Component 1
Trade policy capacity building: Strengthening skills and tools for trade policy making and promoting an effective & result based Public Private Dialogue mechanism will result in increased relevance and effectiveness of trade policy.

Component 2
Export development through improvement of quality infrastructure: the result is improved compliance of export products with market requirements. Component 2 consists of the following areas of activities:

  • Strengthening the Sanitary and Phytosanitary system management
  • Increasing value addition and productivity in key commodity sectors
  • Improving of the conformity assessment infrastructure

Component 3
Strengthening of the intellectual property rights system: the result is a modernized IP system that facilitates increased investment and trade in IP protected goods and services.

A Trade Route to Prosperity