“UNIDO-EU TRTA II: Integrating Pakistan’s Economy into the Global Trade”

UNIDO-EU Trade Related Technical Assistance Programme is hosting a Panel Discussion on 14th October, 2015 in Serena Hotel, Islamabad, as part of the UN’s 70th Anniversary Celebrations. The panellists for this discussion include ministry representatives and principal stakeholders of the TRTA programme.

This discussion aims at highlighting its efforts and the impact of the programme to the trade in Pakistan. Arguably, it has been demonstrated that there is a link between trade and poverty reduction, direct or otherwise.

The TRTA programmes, funded by the EU, implemented by UNIDO, ITC and WIPO, aim at significantly contributing towards enhancement of trade through policy reforms, improvement of quality and protection of IP rights, leading to poverty reduction and sustainable development in Pakistan. The specific purpose is to support the economic integration of Pakistan into the global and regional economy and to stimulate decent work and employment creation by increasing exports and enhancing the enabling climate for international trade.

The principal stakeholders of the programme are the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock and Dairy Development, Ministry of Industries and Production, and the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan, as well as technological institutions and competent authorities operating under the aforementioned Ministries. Private sector associations concerned with fisheries, horticulture produce and industrial clusters are also part of the beneficiaries of implementation activities.