TRTA Establishing Trade Links for Mango Growers

TRTA II programme is working very closely with the mango farmers and exporters to improve the fruit quality and enhance exports. TRTA initiated the activities with the development of Codes of Practice (COPs) along the critical points of supply chain to provide comprehensive guidelines to farmers, processors, exporters and other stakeholders involved, with the aim to increase production, improve quality, maximize profit, and reduce losses. The programme identified the National institutions such as Mango Research Station (MRS), Multan and University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) having expertise for the development of COPs. Details of the interventions include:

  • Selection of Ten farm clusters and the four plus one approach of the cluster development has been applied where each cluster has one big farmer with four or more associated members. Each farm cluster has an area of around 250 acres (Total area is 2500 Acres). These farm clusters also have the associated Pack Houses. All the premier mango varieties are grown in the farm clusters recieveing TRTA II support. These include Sindhri, Chaunsa Samar Bahisht, White Chaunsa, Anwer Retaul and Dusehri.
  • Conduct of Farmer Field Schools (FFS)through MRS on regular basis in each cluster where all the members of the respective cluster participate. The researchers advise the farmers on application of good/preferred practices depending upon the stage of the crop.
  • FFSs have become a resource development pool. In each session, farmers gather to discuss and share each other’s experience and knowledge. The facilitators from the Research Institutes manage these meetings in controlled dialogues, where urgent and specific cultivation issues are discussed and resolved. Through these discussions, knowledge and technical skills are conveyed to the farmers and are internalized by these farmers. Trials and demonstrations are taken; hence this approach is of “learning by doing”.
  • The FFS is attended by the participating Cluster Group farmers. Other farmers not registered in the COP Programme can also participate in the session as Observers. The FFS is open to everybody who wants to share and learn from each other. The experts from the Research Institutions (MRS and UAF) manage an intensive instruction programme of production work with pilot trials of 10 participatory Mango farms and associated processors. These participatory farms and processors were selected based on their resources, capacity and in particular their willingness to the adoptions of the pilot trials designed for this Programme, based on sound, proven scientific evidence. The COP Manual for mango farming and Post harvest handling of fruit has been drafted. The programme provided 10 equipment kits to mango farmers/processors.
  • Based on the UNIDO trade corridor approach, TRTA II experts assessed the kinnow and mango supply chains and identified the key bottlenecks for the establishment of business linkages between the buyers and sellers.
  • 75 Exporters and processors of horticulture sector were trained on marketing and trade linkages. In this connection, two three day training workshops were organized on Marketing and Trade Linkages for Kinnow and Mango Exporters and processors in Sargodha and Multan. As a result the exporters/processors are now more aware of the requirements of key export markets and also aware of the TRTA targeted approach to enhance trade.
  • Exchange programmes of the buyers and a seller has been organized under the TRTA programme to establish trade links. The study tour of 10 growers, processors and exporters of Kinnow and Mango was organized to provide learning experience of the European high end markets. The programme also facilitated 9 farmers/processors to participate in Fruit Logistica 2014. Participation in Fruit Logistica, provided the Pakistani farmers and processors an opportunity to introduce their products to the buyers in high end markets and also hold B2B meetings with these buyers.
  • TRTA facilitated the establishment of a consortium of mango growers. The Mango Growers Consortium has now established links with the ASDA/Walmart UK and ECONSAVE Malaysia. The consortium is now actively exporting to ASDA/Walmart UK, ECONSAVE Malaysia and other buyers in Middle East, Canada and Singapore.

TRTA Establishing Trade Links for Mango Growers – Video

by TRTA II Programme