The Promotional Campaign for Kinnow Mandarins in Malaysia & Singapore launched

A Pakistani Pavilion was setup in the thoroughfares of a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur with backdrops depicting the Kinnow Mandarin and the Colours of Pakistan, to introduce this fruit and offer free sampling of the juice from this mandarin to the passing shoppers.

In addition a number of in-store Kinnow Juice promotions were undertaken from 7 February, 2015 in four supermarkets. The Promotional Campaign wasformally launched by H.E. Syed Hassan Raza, the High Commissioner of Pakistan in Malaysia.


Customers witnessed the fresh Kinnow Juice being squeezed out and were impressed by the strong orange colour and the unique sweet refreshing taste which differentiates Kinnow from other varieties of the citrus family.

The classical theme of the Chinese New Year celebration (also known as the Spring Festival) is the Mandarin Orange. The Chinese name for the mandarin is ‘Kam’, a word that means gold. The presentation of this fruit as gifts to friends and relatives is considered auspicious.

The Kinnow is in every way a “Mandarin”. In the run-up to the Chinese New Year celebration this year, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan [TDAP] in collaboration with the European Union funded TRTA II Programme, promoted the Kinnow in Malaysia and Singapore, as the alternative Mandarin. Packed in a specifically designed box reflecting the spirit of the festivities, the Kinnow mandarins are being marketed in some of the main supermarkets in these two countries.

The aim of the exercise is to promote the name Kinnow to the masses, getting everyone to whisper the name “Kinnow” and drive thehype towards this lovely “Mandarin”.

Kinnow was introduced in the wholesale markets of South East Asian over a number of years, however this is the first time the produce has been sold directly to the high-end Supermarkets.

The current TDAP/TRTA Kinnow Promotional Campaign in Malaysia and Singapore aims at raising the level of awareness about this unique Kinnow at established retail chains. The strategic approach focused on creating a Kinnow brand amongst the consumers, emphasizing its recognition of thehigh juicing quality. This was achieved by stimulating the consumers’ interest at the major shopping malls and by offering Kinnow juice for sampling and the opportunity to purchase the fruit in the adjoining supermarkets.

This campaign has resulted in the direct delivery of Kinnow to somerenowned supermarket chains such as Aeon Big, Giant, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, etc.

The greatest satisfaction in this exercise is seeing the shoppers loading the Kinnow boxes in their trolleys after having been convinced that this is the “Mandarin” they should present to their friends and relatives on this Chinese New Year.

Realizing the effectiveness and results of the on-going promotion, the Purchasing Managersof otherSupermarkets who attended the launch of the Kinnow Promotional Campaign in Giza Shopping Mall, are now contacting the High Commission in Malaysia to participate in the other campaigns with the aim to stock the Kinnow in their stores.This Kinnow Promotional Campaign was planned initially for 3 days in Malaysia, but now the retailers have offered to extend this promotional campaign in their respective supermarkets for additional 2 weeks, at their own expense.

The Kinnow Promotional Campaign in Singapore with similar initiativesstarted on 11 February 2015 in the well-established and popular Mustafa Shopping Centre. The campaign was launched with the visit of H.E. Tanveer Akhtar Khaskheli, High Commissioner of Pakistan in Singapore. The Kinnow Promotional Campaign is picking up momentum and is expected to attract the interest of a large number of consumers in Singapore.

  • The-Pakistani-Kinnow-Pavillion
  • The-Pakistani-Kinnow-Pavillion
  • Mr. Syed Hassan Raza, High Commissioner in Malaysia, addressing the partecipants
  • The High Commissioner, Mr Badar ul Islam TRTA II Programme, Mr. Wajihullah Kundi, Commercial Counsellor and Mr Haider Zamin, TDAP, visiting the Pakistani Kinnow Pavillion
  • The HC visiting the Pakistani Kinnow Pavillion
  • The HC in visiting the Kinnow Promotional Corner within the supermarket
  • The HC interacting with consumers at the Kinnow Promotional Corner within the supermarket
  • The HC presenting souvenir to Mr Dato Yousaf Hashim, former HC of Malaysia to Pakistan. With him Mr. Kundi, Mr. Badar TRTA
  • From left Mr. Niaz Khan, UNHC, Mr Dato, former HC of Malaysia to Pakistan, the HC, Mr. Haider, Mr. Badar and Mr. Kundi