WTI & PITAD Partnership


WTI and PITAD agree upon partnership arrangement


The Pakistan Institute of Trade and Development (PITAD) and the Switzerland based World Trade Institute (WTI), entered into a partnership arrangements under the auspices of ITC for the institutional capacity building of PITAD.  To that affect a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for twining arrangements was signed between the two institutes on 18 February 2011 during the visit of the Director-General of PITAD to Switzerland.

Mr. Pierre Sauve, Deputy Managing Director WTI and Mr. Asaf Ghafoor, Director General PITAD at the MoU signing ceremony

According to the MOU, WTI, an internationally renowned leading provider of teaching, training, consulting and research in the field of International Trade Regulation, is to assist PITAD to develop the necessary capacity – in terms of  knowledge know-how and technical equipment  resources (academic databases, books, video-conference facilities, etc) – for conducting high level training and research.

A key aspect of the partnership would be the development of modules of PITAD’s Specialized Training Programme (STP), a nine month programme for newly inducted Commerce and Trade Group officers of the Civil Service of Pakistan which aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage international trade and commercial diplomacy. For this purpose “Master Trainees”, selected from PITAD, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Lahore University of Management Sciences and the Institute of Business Administration have been chosen to develop modules on selected trade policy issues.

After receiving training, including individual mentoring and collective training at WTI in Bern,  the  Master Trainees will be involved as trainers in the STP as well as other  PITAD regular training activities; including, the, Training Course on Commercial Diplomacy for the officers of Foreign Service of Pakistan and Training Programme for Pakistan’s Trade Officers Abroad(designated),as well as ad-hoc short trainings on current trade policy issues for the officers working in different ministries and departments.

The partnership arrangements also envisage issuance of a joint certificate by PITAD and WTI on “International Trade law and Commercial Diplomacy” and provides for equivalence/waiver to the joint certificate holders in “Masters of International Law and Economics” programme of the WTI to the extent covered by the joint certificate.