Trade Policy Key Milestones

Result Area/Activity Key Milestones
Strengthening of PITAD’s institutional capacity
  • Provision of updated tools and publications as well as advice given on their use to PITAD

Strengthening of PITAD’s and other research institutes expertise on trade policy

  • Needs assessment survey of ministries and capacity assessment survey of key research institutes is conducted to derive outcomes
  • Diagnostic assessment of PITAD’s needs for Specialized Training Programme module improvement and research to be undertaken
  • Contents of PITAD’s course modules are designed/revised; research projects are designed
  • Trainings on key issues are successfully completed; attendees pass course

Strengthening of Government officers’ capacity on specific trade policy and international trade negotiations.
Trainings are designed and successfully completed by PITAD with technical support as appropriate, from IBA, TDAP and LUMS

Conducting research studies contributing to the development of a national export strategy
Research studies to support the public private dialogue undertaken under output are completed and pass peer review
Fostering public-private dialogue for a coherent national export strategy
  • PPD mechanism is established
  • PPDs are held in various cities on different issues and include a wide range of participants; Discussions feed into government decisions on trade policy