Fostering of public-private dialogue

The experiences of countries across the world show that successful exporting invariably depends on constructive collaboration between governments and private sector. Often it is businesses, as the traders, that are better placed to identify the barriers to exporting, and enabling factors for trade, than government. Concerns have been raised, however, about a participation and engagement deficit of the Pakistan private sector in trade issues. To address this gap, activities have been designed to promote a more comprehensive, regular and well informed public private dialogue among government, the private sector and civil society as a basis for trade policy developments and interventions.

Key in this approach will be the formalisation of a mechanism that promotes regular public-private engagement. For these purposes a Steering Committee, comprising public and private sector representatives will be established at the outset to guide a series of PPDs as well as ensure necessary follow up with Government. Finally, targeted research is to be commissioned so as to feed into the dialogues as well as the soliciting of the views (position papers) of stakeholders invited to attend.