Trade Policy

An important component of the TRTA II project will be to work towards sustainably building the capacity of Pakistan so that they are better placed to formulate trade policies and regulations which enhance export competiveness. Inevitably, there are a number of pre-requisites which feed into the goal of formulating “ideal” trade policies and regulations for export success. These factors can be summarised as follows:

  • Strong expertise of policy makers that is in-line with the constantly evolving trading system
  • Policy research capacity that is responsive to policy makers’ needs
  • Understanding of commercial dynamics as well as business implications of trade policy measures and regulatory framework
  • A structured public and private consultation mechanism among all key stakeholders which impacts on national decision making
  • An effective and efficient implementation, monitoring and evaluation mechanism

Whilst these pre-requisites have been promoted in Pakistan to varying degrees of success, further efforts are required. Thus Component 1 is intended to promote these pre-requisites through carefully designed activities and an appreciation of the existing context. Specifically, it will aim to reinforce the skills of government officers working in trade related ministries and implementing agencies on issues related to trade policy, commercial diplomacy and regulatory reform. In addition, it will aim to promote comprehensive, regular and well informed public-private dialogue among the government, private sector, civil society and research institutes for trade policy development, monitoring and evaluation.

Accordingly, the targeted interventions of Component 1 to achieve these goals constitute the following: