SPS Management

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Management

An important part of the TRTA II Programme is helping to strengthen the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) control system in Pakistan. We are working with federal and provincial authorities to establish a proper framework of laws and controls, to ensure that Pakistan’s agro-food sector can deliver products which meet national and international requirements for food safety, animal health and plant health.

What is SPS all about? Read our frequently asked questions (FAQs) to find out why sanitary and phytosanitary controls are essential for Pakistan’s economic development.

What is TRTA II doing to help strengthen the SPS control system? TRTA II Project activities in SPS are described here, along with project news and some of important outputs.

A number of international agencies are mandated to provide internationally recognised technical approaches to SPS. If you need to know more, consult our SPS resources pages.

TRTA II publishes a regular free newsletter on topical SPS matters in Pakistan. Subscribe here, or review back issues here.

In the area of Food safety, TRTA II is working to develop a new federal food law, and establish a new Pakistan food safety authority. We are also helping improved controls on exported fishery products. Review our food safety pages for more information of these and other food safety related developments in Pakistan.

TRTA II is helping to strengthen federal and provincial laws which ensure that infectious diseases of animals can be effectively controlled. Review Pakistan’s animal health status and our activities here.

Pakistan exports a lot of plant-based materials, and needs to ensure that harmful organisms (insect pests, bacterias and viruses) which can affect plant health are effectively controlled. Check our plant health pages for more information on plant health issues.