IPR Key Milestones

Result Area/Activity Key Milestones
Strengthened IP Institutions
  • IPO legal officers and managers trained.
  • IP procedures reviewed and examiners trained
  • ICT Infrastructure upgrade proposed, IP systems upgraded to IPAS & IP online services developed
  • IP records digitized and IP databases completed
  • Modules of financial / administrative system customized and deployed
  • IPO IT staff trained on IPAS and IT skills
  • Proposal developed for a CMO
Strengthened IP Legislative and Policy Framework

  • Inputs provided for laws on utility models, PBRs and GIs
  • Inputs provided on measures to accede to PCT and Madrid system
  • Elements identified for an IP policy/ strategy
Increased Capacity for Enforcement of IPRs
  • Trainers on IP enforcement from Customs, FIA, Police trained
  • Short IP enforcement courses supported
  • Colloquium for Judges held on IP enforcement
Enhanced IP Awareness and Capacity of Business and Research Institutions to use the IP System
  • General IP awareness material provided
  • Roundtable held on technology management offices
  • Trainers on use of IP for business trained.
  • Papers developed on a) IP challenges and trade, and b) on branding options, including GIs, for a selected product