Enhanced capacity of Businesses and Research Institutions to use the IP System

This cluster of activities shall be aimed at enhancing public awareness of the importance of IP in modern economies. In addition, a major thrust of the activities would be to increase both the understanding and use of IP by businesses and innovation related institutions.

Public Awareness
An increased understanding amongst the general public of the key role played by IP in modern economies would facilitate greater use of the IP system by small businesses and inventors. It would also promote respect for IP. Briefings would be organized for media persons, especially those covering economic issues. In addition, public awareness material would be provided to various IP user groups.

Businesses and IP
A three-pronged approach will be adopted to enhance the understanding and use of IP by businesses. Firstly, national “trainers” would be trained to conduct IP programs for businesses on their own. Secondly, IP inputs would be provided to selected training courses and workshops to be organized under Component 1 of the Program. These inputs would be in the form of IP reference material and/or provision of IP experts. Thirdly, the capacity of relevant government officials to integrate IP in trade policy would be enhanced.

Research Institutions – Industry linkages
To strengthen linkages between research institutions and industry, the focus shall be on assisting interested institutions to establish/strengthen technology management offices (TMOs). A TMO can provide an institutional basis for transferring technology from national research institutions to the private sector. This can greatly help businesses to bring innovative products to markets and thus improve their capacity to compete. Specifically, Component 3 will help in identifying the measures that would be required to establish and strengthen TMOs. In addition, an e-forum will be set up to promote greater interaction between businesses, universities and research institutions.