Improving Competitiveness in Horticulture

Improved competitiveness in the horticulture sector through:

  • Development, lead by PHDEC, of PAKGAP and its pilot implementation in kinnow and mango sectors: PAKGAP standard certification developed by 2012 covering horticulture products in collaboration with PHDEC and PSQCA (by 2011), 50 growers certified to PAKGAP by 2014.
  • Development and dissemination of codes of practice: horticultural products (mango & kinnow) code of practice covering critical areas along the supply chain (including harvesting, transportation, processing etc.) developed in collaboration with PHDEC and TDAP, translation of code of practices into major local languages (by 2012), training of 2,000 growers on the developed code of practice.
  • Identification of options for value-added production in mango and kinnow sectors including through branding and use of GIs: branding options including use of GIs, developed for one horticultural product by 2014.