Creating Business Linkages

Development of business arrangements along the global supply chain through:

  • Identification of key bottlenecks for the establishment of business linkages: Gap analysis done through international buyer surveys, consultative meetings and workshops to identify the problems in developing the linkages between the buyers and suppliers.
  • Support for direct linkage of targeted clusters of local producers with international buyers: steering groups constituted at the operational levels with members of the private sector representing buyers, suppliers, freight forwarders etc. and at the policy level having representation from both public and private sector led by TDAP (2011).
  • Strengthening PIFFA/NTTFC and sector organizations to identify and promote cost effective freight forwarding, cold chain providers and other export related logistics: effective linkages developed through pilot shipments by the private sector by the end of 2014. This activity will complement and synergize with other donor interventions to avoid any possible duplication.