Feedback Questionnaire: Trade Time Newsletter

TRTA II cares a lot about its readers and aims for continuous improvement in its communication material. You are kindly requested to please provide us with your feedback on the “Trade Time” newsletter.

Please choose from the options given below for each of the questions.

1 - Overall, how do you find Trade Time?
Very interesting/informativeQuite interesting/informativeNot very interesting/boring/monotonous
2 - Please rate the different areas of our newsletter

a - The overall look of the newsletter look/ presentation of the Newsletter

b - The length of the articles & quality of pictures inside

c - The type of articles

d - Quality of coverage picture/graphics

3 - Would you like to continue to receive the Trade Time newsletter?

4 - Would you prefer to receive a hard copy or soft copy of the Trade Time newsletter?
5 - What sort of articles would you like to see in Trade Time newsletter? (Tick as many as you like)