Implementation Monitoring

The Government of Pakistan along with its development partners is increasingly looking at the impact of aid and aid effectiveness, often referred to as Impact Assessment. In this regard, the Government of Pakistan and the TRTA II implementing agencies have agreed to focus on managing for development results under TRTA II. The approach advocates a stronger orientation of monitoring systems towards agreed development results.

Emphasis is to be placed towards identifying the changes and benefits that will be achieved directly or indirectly by designed interventions as well as measuring the progress of activities being implemented. Ongoing review, assessment and learning are to be prioritised equally with the mid-term and end of project evaluation. For this to happen, it is important that implementation monitoring issues are addressed from the project inception and that an effective and robust monitoring system is incorporated at all levels of reporting and is closely linked to Project Cycle Management (PCM).

For this purpose TRTA II in collaboration with PITAD has already develop an implementation monitoring guide, an implementation monitoring scheme and is in the process of developing impact assessment scheme.