Intellectual Property Awareness Seminar & Workshops in Karachi

The TRTA II programme, supported an Intellectual Property Awareness Seminar, hosted by the Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) and Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Pakistan, at the Auditorium in the PCSIR Laboratory Complex Karachi on 28st December, 2015. This was followed by 4 days of workshops in the areas of Patents, Licensing and Valuation.

The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Meesaq Arif, Director, IPO Pakistan, in which he stressed on the importance of IP rights, and expressed that the seminar is a step in the right direction. He also gave an overview of the activities of IPO in Pakistan.

Following this, the CEO of Brand Foundation Karachi, Mr. Sheikh Rashid Alam gave an address on the value of Intellectual Property and Brand.

Dr. Hassan Naqvi, an International IP Expert from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA, thanked all the partners contributing towards IPR in his address and also stressed that entities need to realize how essential Intellectual Property protection is in developing a country’s economy. International IP Expert from USA, Mr. Haris Zaheer Bajwa, spoke about the challenges and opportunities concerning IPR. Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Nabeel Sheikh, International IP expert from Canada spoke about the commercial value of IP internationally.

The Guest of Honour, Mr. Javed Safdar Tanwiri, Senior Vice Chairman PIPRA highlighted the past efforts made towards IP, and was pleased with the next steps being taken in this regard. The keynote address was delivered by the Chief Guest, Dr. Shahzad Alam, Chairman of PCSIR at the Ministry of Science & Technology. He wished the implementing partners good luck towards strengthening the IP regime in Pakistan.
The seminar was attended by professionals from various institutions and sectors who also contributed towards the Q&A session regarding Intellectual Property.

International experts, Mr. Haris Bajwa, Mr. Usman Khan, Mr. Nabeel Sheikh and Dr. Hassan Naqvi were invited to conduct the workshops. The participants were chosen for the trainings included nominations from key institutes, law firms and ministries in Karachi, including University of Karachi, IBA Sukkur, Iqra University, Ali Associaties, PCSIR, and the Patent Office of IPO. This workshop concluded with an examination on 31st December, 2015, entitling the graduates a certification in patent drafting, licensing and valuation procedures.