General Guidelines for the Public-Private Dialogue Steering Committee

1. Background

The second phase of the Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA II) programme is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in association with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The TRTA II programme has three main components, where Component 1 is concerned with Trade Policy Capacity Building, and is implemented by the ITC.

A central aspect of Component 1 is the promotion of a more comprehensive and well informed Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) among Government, the private sector and civil society as a basis for coherent trade policy formulation.  Accordingly, it is intended that between 2011 and mid-2014 a total of ten PPDs are held on different trade policy issues.

An important task foresees the establishment of a Steering Committee, comprising both representatives from Government and the private sector, to advise and guide the series of PPDs throughout the duration of the programme.

2. Mandate

The Public-Private Dialogue Steering Committee (PPDSC) will be responsible to:

•        Identify relevant policy issues that should be addressed through PPDs

•        Identify the topics and participants for the PPDs

•        Identify the trade policy issues on which research should be undertaken to inform PPDs

•        Approve the research organisation/consultant to undertake research studies

•        Following the holding of the PPDs, ensure that the consolidated views of the stakeholders are appropriately captured and relayed to Government in the form of a recommendations document.

3. Composition

The PPDSC will comprise of and be fairly represented by both public and private sector personnel from Ministries, key-line government agencies, business associations and chambers of commerce. The standing members will be constituted by the following:

  1. Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce (co-chair)
  2. Director-General, Pakistan Institute of Trade and Development (co-chair)
  3. Representative, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue
  4. Representative, Secretary Ministry of Finance
  5. Representative, Secretary Ministry of Industries and Production
  6. Representative, Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology
  7. Representative, Secretary Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  8. Representative, Secretary Ministry of Textile Industry
  9. President, the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  10. President, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  11. President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  12. President, Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  13. President, Quetta Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  14. Chairperson, Pakistan Software House Association
  15. Representative of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)


The co-chairs may agree to invite, as required, representatives from the public and private sector to participate in the deliberations of the PPDSC as observers and/or invited speakers.

Representatives of the TRTAII programme would attend the deliberations of PPDSC as observers and may make presentations/partake in discussions if necessary.

4. Agenda

Each meeting of the PPDSC shall have a structured agenda to guide the deliberations and proceedings of the meeting.  The agenda shall be agreed between the co-chairs and ITC.

5. Secretarial Functions

The Secretariat of the PPDSC will be conducted by PITAD, to be supported by the ITC Islamabad Office. It will provide all requisite logistic and secretarial services to assist the functioning of the PPDSC.  In particular, the Secretariat shall:

–           prepare a draft agenda for adoption at the PPDSC meeting

–           issue letters of invitation for the meetings

–           prepare supporting documents relevant to the draft agenda items

–           prepare draft minutes of the meeting and disseminate to members for comments

–           prepare the final version of the minutes for approval by the PPDSC co-chairs, and

–           submit to the Government recommendations of the PPDSC on policy issues

6. Frequency of Meetings

The PPDSC shall meet at least two times a year.  Additional meeting may be convened by the co-chairs, when deemed necessary.

7. Venue

The meetings of the PPDSC shall be held in Islamabad.

8. Quorum

A simple majority of the standing members of the PPDSC shall comprise a quorum.  Decisions of the PPDSC shall be made by consensus. In case of disagreement, decisions would be taken three-fourth majority of the members at the meeting.