Why is the World Trade Organisation involve?

Some countries have used SPS measures to protect their own industries from competition from trading partners. This is known as a non-tariff barrier and is considered to be an unfair distortion of trade. The SPS Agreement was established under the Uruguay round of international trade talks. All members of the WTO adopt this international agreement, which binds them to applying SPS measures in a non-discriminatory way, and requires them to be (as far as possible) based on a scientific assessment of the risks to human health, animal health and plant health. Countries which join the WTO, like Pakistan, are required to revise their SPS control system to ensure that it complies with these requirements. Adoption of the principles, codes and standards set out by the international technical standards organisations regarding food safety (Codex Alimentarious Commission), animal health (international animal health organisation) and plant health (international plant protection council) ensures that these obligations will be met.

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