Is anybody helping Pakistan with these tasks?

The TRTAII project is an EU funded intervention implemented by UNIDO. The PACE Component of this project aims to achieve the result “Improved compliance of exported products” in terms of both customer requirements and SPS measures applied by export markets. The approach being adopted is to i) work with Competent Authorities to strengthen SPS management systems in Pakistan; ii) work with enterprise and support organisations to improve export quality, value addition and compliance with market requirements; iii) work with service providers (including standards, accreditation institutions and laboratories) to improve conformity assessment infrastructure and services.

The first of these components will therefore work with NAPHIS on the strategy for the strengthening of the SPS management system. In the short term this will include the development of an SPS policy. This will map out the approach, particularly in relation to the development of the institutions and bodies which will direct and implement controls in food safety, animal health and plant health. This activity will be followed by the promulgation of new primary legislation in each of these areas.

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