What is being done to address this?

To address the need for integration of SPS controls, the Government of Pakistan, through the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, has supported the implementation of a “Special programme for the strengthening of SPS facilities and quality inspection services in compliance with WTO – Establishment of National Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services – NAPHIS”. In 2009, the NAPHIS programme was revised and extended until 2011. NAPHIS has its own premises and professional staff complement. NAPHIS has a mandate to consider the approach to strengthening the SPS management system. The Ministry of Food and Agriculture, as well as Provincial departments of agriculture have established WTO Wings, to consider the mechanisms for the implementation of stronger more effective controls. Provincial governments are proceeding rapidly to new develop food safety controls. For example, in Punjab alone, the Fisheries Department is developing new legislation for inspection and control of fishery products, the Livestock Department is developing a meat and dairy inspection agency, and the Department of Health has proposed revision of the Pure Food Rules and the formation of Punjab Food Safety Agency. Although there is a lot of activity, this is not well coordinated within a national framework. There is at present no coordination or strategic direction from Federal Government. NAPHIS has a clear opportunity to lead and coordinate important developments in the SPS area.

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