Mechanism for Coordination

The Ministry of Commerce is to play a key role in providing strategic leadership and direction in coordination of trade related donor interventions in Pakistan. One such mechanism could be the establishment of a forum having representation of trade related donors in Pakistan. The forum will, inter alia, serve as mechanism for lesson-learning and experience sharing and particularly foster inter and intra programme linkages, coordination and collaboration among donor programmes and projects in the common cause of enhancing the trade development potential of Pakistan.

In this connection, the first consultative meeting of trade related donors, to be chaired by the Secretary of MoC, is expected to deliberate on the following issues (agenda items) and give the necessary guidance:

  1. Establishment of donor coordination forum at national level
  2. Mapping of donor interventions in trade related assistance programme
  3. Roadmap for future coordination between various stakeholders

The deliberations of this first consultative meeting of donors are expected to provide guidance and recommendations to develop productive initiatives for coordination and synergy among different donor projects and programmes in trade related interventions in Pakistan.