Compendium of Trade Related Donor Interventions

A brief compendium on trade related donor interventions in Pakistan has been prepared to provide a brief description of trade related donor initiatives in Pakistan. The attached compendium shows 10 trade related initiatives by donors with a total investment of nearly US$ 262 million covering the period from 2005-2014. The compendium is to be reviewed and updated by the donors concerned so as to reflect correctly the status of the projects and perceived synergies with other trade related donor programmes.

Although the Government of Pakistan has set up a website:, where all donor assisted programmes and projects are uploaded, there exists no mechanism to coordinate donor interventions in focus areas of support. Hence, the challenge remains on constituting a forum to share, among donors, programme interventions and experiences in implementation of projects with a view to achieving synergy and linkages impacting on development assistance and delivery in focus sectors and areas of interventions.

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