History (TRTA I)

The European Commission (EC) approved funding of a successor TRTA programme to build on and complete the interventions and capacity building process initiated under TRTA I from 2004-2007. The successful operation of TRTA I resulted in significant gains in terms of building WTO awareness, capacity development of conformity assessment institutions and improvement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime. In view of the achievements made under TRTA I and requirements to further strengthen the trade capacity building process in Pakistan, the EC approved funding of the successor TRTA II programme.

A major challenge was to achieve smooth transition to a second phase of the programme without loss of institutional memory and gains made under TRTA I. A series of concerted efforts were made by the government, UNIDO and NORAD to bridge the continued conduct of indispensable TRTA activities as well as sustain the operations and staff of the TRTA Project Management Office (TRTA/PMO). Indeed, it is gratifying to note that this challenge was adequately met and allowed for smooth transition into TRTA II. As a consequence, the core of the TRTA II PMO became operational with effect from 01 January 2010, which marks the first day of the programme’s operation period.

The benefit of detailed needs assessments and the articulation of explicit capacity building strategies in the first phase of project implementation became apparent in the evaluation of TRTA I. A specific Inception Phase allowing for such detailed needs assessments and capacity building strategies will therefore be an essential feature and element of TRTA II. With the commencement of PMO operations as from 1 January 2010, a series of strategic activities have been conceived and launched to embark upon development of the Inception Report of TRTA II by conducting baseline studies, supply chain analysis, stakeholders’ analysis and gap analysis of beneficiary institutions in conjunction with analysis of TRTA interventions required to address constraints and mitigate perceived problems. This work translated into formulation of an Inception Report covering the three components and the overall programme of TRTA II. The final draft of the Inception Report was completed by end of June 2010 and presented at the National Workshop on 28 September 2010 as a special event marking the end of the Inception Phase of the programme.

More information can be found on TRTA I website