TRTA II Programme: Extended

The Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA II) Programme, a four year Project funded by European Union (EU) which aims at helping integrate Pakistan’s economy into the global market through quality production, enhanced export trade and sustainable economic development, was launched in January 2010 with a six-month Inception Period.

A Financing Agreement for the TRTA II programme was signed between the Government of Pakistan (EAD) and the European Commission on June 30, 2009 and on August 28, 2009, respectively. The total programme value was Euros 10,045,000 made up of funding of by the EU and UNIDO of Euros 9,545,000 and Euros 500,000, respectively.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) was designated as the lead implementing and coordinating agency and would manage the overall programme implementation, in association with ITC and WIPO for their respective components.

In December 2013, the EU Delegation informed the Programme Steering Committee that it intends to extend its support beyond the current TRTA II duration, for an additional 2 year period with a top up of Euros 2 million.

The overarching goal of this extension would be economic growth, employment creation and regional trade. The goal stems directly from the current needs of the Country and is also in line with the broader EU cooperation strategy.

The extended period will be spent to (i) complete a few of the lagged activities, to (ii) deepen some of the flagship initiatives of TRTA II for consolidation and up-scaling and to (iii) develop a strategy for EU intervention beyond this period.

The extended phase will now also include three additional activities:

  • Business Environment Improvement and Support to the Competition Commission of Pakistan
  • Global Value Chain Analysis for Competitiveness
  • Regional Trade in South Asia.
    UNIDO elaborated an extended road map of activities for another 24 months with a budget top-up of Euros 2 million.

The revised Contribution Agreement was signed by EU Delegation and UNIDO on 05 May 2014, thereby extending the period of TRTA II programme implementation until 06 May 2016.