Workshop on Implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems


 The Workshop on ISO 9001 Quality Management System was held on 03 February 2011 at
Avari Towers in Karachi.  The purpose of the Workshop was to obtain feedback from participants for incorporation into the final project report of the survey conducted in Asian developing economies.

 The Trade Capacity Building (TCB) Branch of UNIDO had engaged an International Consultant, Dr. Nigel Croft, to carry out a survey on Implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems in Asian Developing Countries focusing on system development, certification, accreditation and economic benefits. The countries covered included Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. 

 The target audience of the Karachi Workshop included the National Standards Body (PSQCA), National Accreditation Body (PNAC), UNIDO Country Office, ISO 9001 certified organizations, purchasers, certification bodies, consultants, Ministries concerned (particularly the Ministries of Industries and Commerce), Chambers of Commerce and Associations.  A total of 55 participants attended the Workshop in Karachi.  Opening and closing addresses were made by Mr. Zawdu Felleke, as OIC of UNIDO Pakistan Office, following which interactive discussions ensued during the proceedings of the Workshop.

The final report of the workshop is expected to be produced and made available to the participating countries in due course. The findings and recommendations of the survey and final report on implementation of ISO 9001 in Pakistan would prove to be strategic in conduct of TRTA II interventions concerning certification of enterprises. Hence, close attention would be given in mainstreaming the survey results/findings strategically so as to make TRTA II interventions productive and useful to Pakistani industry and enhancement of export performance of Pakistan.