Chief Technical Advisor’s visit to PSQCA


Mr. Zawdu Felleke, Chief Technical Advisor, TRTA II Programme visited the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) in Karachi on Friday, 04 February 2011, and had discussions with the following officials:

  • Mr. Muhammad Junaid Qureshi, Director General, PSQCA
  • Mr. Nazir Hussain, Director, Quality Control, PSQCA
  • Quality Manager of the Microbiology Lab, PSQCA

The discussion with the Director General of PSQCA was concerned with TRTA II support in respect of overall functioning and operations of PSQCA (QC, standards development, certification, testing labs, CLO, etc.) and the upcoming mission of the UNIDO International Expert, Dr. Anwar El-Tawil, in April 2011.  The Director General emphasized the importance of TRTA II support to PSQCA and reiterated his commitments and full cooperation to work together in implementation of TRTA II interventions targeting PSQCA operations.

Mr. Zawdu Felleke, Chief Technical Adviser, TRTA II Programme at PSQCA
Mr. Zawdu Felleke, Chief Technical Adviser, TRTA II Programme at PSQCA

The discussion with Mr. Nazir Hussain and the Quality Manager was focused on the accreditation status of the PSQCA microbiology laboratory.  The re-accreditation of PSQCA microbiology laboratory is strategic in achieving international recognition of PSQCA testing activities and maximize the gains of TRTA interventions and support to Pakistan institutions.