Inception Report launched at National Workshop

inception report

The national workshop on the presentation of TRTA II Inception Report of TRTA II Programme was held on 28 September 2010 in Serena Hotel Islamabad. The Workshop was attended by a wide cross-section of stakeholders from both the public and private sectors interested in capacity building initiatives and supply side sector interventions of TRTA II Programme. The National Workshop deliberated on the relevance of TRTA II activities in addressing the export performance and trade related challenges of Pakistan.

The workshop was started with the welcome address by Mr. Steffen Kaeser, Programme Manager, TRTA Pakistan, UNIDO Headquarters Vienna. He welcomed the workshop participants on behalf of the staff of the TRTA Project Management Office (PMO) and associated implementing agencies, ITC and WIPO. He appreciated the constructive contributions of focal Ministries and counterpart institutions during the Inception Phase of TRTA II resulting in successful production of the Inception Report. He assured that similar success would be achieved in the execution of the TRTA II programme of activities. He further appreciated the efforts of PITAD in providing continued support in the refinement and development of TRTA II Inception Report.

H.E. Mr. Jan DE KOK, EU Ambassador extended a warm welcome to the workshop participants and said that it gives him great pleasure to be here today in this workshop organized for sharing the information about inception report under the new trade programme (trade related technical assistant (TRTA II) for the period 2010-2014, funded by the European Union (EU), €9.5 million and 0.5 million contribution of UNIDO. Following completion of TRTA I, and at the request of the Government of Pakistan (GoP0, EU has agreed to provide funds for a new programme in the trade area. TRTA II is the continuation of the EU trade-related assistance that started with first ever trade programme i.e. TRTA I covering period 2004-2007. It is focusing on building the public sector’s capacity in the field of external trade and export development.

Mr. Asaf Ghafoor, Director General of PITAD, also welcomed the participants and highlighted upon the trade development vision and the key challenges being faced by the Government of Pakistan. He said that Pakistan has been suffering from many external and internal shocks to its economy over the past few years, which have led to slowdown in the growth of business sector particularly in its foreign trade.

Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Soomro, Secretary, Ministry of Industries and Production gave the closing remarks and said that he is very much pleased that the Trade Related Technical Assistance Programme TRTA II has successfully conducted this National Workshop for the validation of TRTA II Inception Report. Today’s National Workshop has given ample opportunity to all the concerned stakeholders to review the TRTA II Programme of activities and areas which need to be highlighted during its implementation. He said that the issues highlighted by the workshop participants will be considered adequately and meaningfully to make this Programme more consequential, addressing the needs of the country.