TRTA II Programme Steering Committee Meeting (PSC)


The first meeting of the Programme Steering Committee (PSC) of TRTA II was held on 30 September 2010 in the Committee Room of the Ministry of Commerce in Islamabad. The meeting was opened by Mr. Zafar Mahmood, Secretary of Ministry of Commerce, by welcoming members and the representatives of the implementing agencies to the first meeting of the PSC.

He appreciated the achievements made under TRTA I Programme and stated that TRTA II should build upon the successes of and lessons learnt from the previous programme. The Secretary emphasized that it was time to put TRTA II into sound footing and to embark upon assiduous implementation of the programme. In this connection, he expressed his confidence in UNIDO, as lead implementing agency and coordinator of the overall programme, to foster close and productive collaboration with counterpart stakeholders and successfully produce the programme results addressing Pakistan trade challenges and its export performance.

Ms. Manica Hauptman welcomed, on behalf of the EU Delegation, the participants of the meeting and pointed out that the EU would stand besides Pakistan in providing relief and rehabilitation in mitigating the devastating flood crisis that hit the country. She underlined that TRTA II programme will complement the trade capacity building initiatives of Pakistan resulting in market access and increased exports. She appreciated the valuable work conducted during the judicious
pre-programming exercise and the inception phase of the programme.

Mr. Asaf Ghafoor, Director General of PITAD, also welcomed the participants and pointed out that PITAD had contributed significantly towards finalization of the Inception Report of the TRTA II programme. He noted that a very intensive and productive Workshop was conducted on 28 September 2010 to validate the Inception Report with close deliberations on the technical contents of the components and result areas of the programme. He underlined that consensus was reached that the activities of TRTA II were well placed in realizing the trade potential of Pakistan.

Mr. Steffen Kaeser, Programme Manager of TRTA Pakistan, also welcomed the members of the PSC on behalf of the Director General of UNIDO and on his own behalf as well as the staff of the TRTA Project Management Office (PMO) and associated implementing agencies, ITC and WIPO.

He thanked the MoC for hosting the PSC meeting at its premises. He appreciated the constructive contributions of focal Ministries and counterpart institutions during the Inception Phase of TRTA II resulting in successful production of the Inception Report. He concluded by underlining the strategic concern that programme delivery was about achieving expected results through active involvement of stakeholders and engagement of qualified national and international experts in close working relations with ITC and WIPO to secure synergy and linkages between the programme components.