Visit of NPO Delegation to Turkey


Inspiring Linkages to Foster Productive Opportunities

Exposure and better understanding of operational functions & services of world leading productivity organizations including National Productivity Centre (MPM) of Turkey was the core objective of National Productivity Organization (NPO) Study Tour to Turkey, which was organized under TRTA-II Program; the tour proved a great opportunity to develop linkages and networks with the leading productivity organizations and resulted in signing MOU with World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS) and World Network of Productivity Organizations (WNPO).

NPO Pakistan delegation after signing formally Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) met with president of World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS) and World Network of Productivity Organizations (WNPO), who assured NPO Pakistan their full support for the future projects in introducing and promoting state-of-the-art techniques of productivity for both public and private sector.

NPO Pakistan delegation accompanied by UNIDO international experts Dr. Mike Dillon and John Heap also met with Minister of Trade and Industry Mr. Nihat Erghuin following the inauguration of World Productivity Congress and European Union Productivity Conference. In the meeting Turkish Minister agreed upon to work in close cooperation with Pakistan through sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices for better productivity. Later, the Program Officer of UNIDO/TRTA-II articulated the proposed interventions designed by UNIDO for capacity building of NPO Pakistan and improve its services delivery to the industrial sector in Pakistan.

Turkish Minister emphasized the need to develop bilateral ties between Pakistan and Turkey in the areas of training, technology, knowledge sharing, innovation and productivity and promised to be with Pakistan through every thick and thin. The Minister happily accepted the proposals of developing linkages between two countries and sharing best practices in the field of productivity, encouraging private to private sector partnership to explore business opportunities and supporting academia collaboration to initiate scientific knowledge based research.

NPO-Pakistan also signed the protocol of cooperation with MPM-Turkey to carry out joint projects, arranging study visits, expert and information exchange, training programs, consultancy, research and public relation activities for the purposes of observation, sharing the recent developments in productivity related topics and dissemination of best practices.

The officials of NPO Pakistan also attended the 16th Productivity Congress and the European Productivity Conference held in Antalya, Turkey from 2-5 November 2010, where more than 800 professionals from the world participated in the event.