International Expert Visit for Process Control & CSR: Mr. Wouter Put

Wouter at Surgical instruments manufacturing unit

In view of ongoing activities related to CSR, Process Control and Market linkages for Industrial
Sectors, the International Expert, Mr. Wouter, made a visit to Pakistan from 4th to 12th October 2015. During his mission, the IE visited 6 fan companies, 3 surgical instruments companies and 2 cutlery units in Lahore, Gujranwala and Sialkot regions. The purpose of these factory visits was to evaluate the CSR and Process Control projects at the Fan and Surgical Companies and also to review the preparations for installation of cutlery polishing machines at the Cutlery Units.

As a result of this intervention, the selected units in fan sector witnessed huge gains in terms of quality, 44% to 81% Batch Travel Distance, 52% to 86% Work in Process (WIP), 30% to 71% Labor Productivity, 70% to 103% Line Balancing Efficiency, 105% to 240%, Average production per day, 9% to 280%, and number of workers 6% to 26%. As a result of this, the companies saved PKR 6.3M along with the training of 150 personnel on shop floor management techniques. The PMO team, along with the IE, conducted a study on die casting section in the fan sector and found out that a number of best practices are missing. By adopting these best practices the companies can save up to PKR 0.9M per furnace per year. If there are 250 furnaces in operation in fan sector simultaneously, the potential of saving will be more than PKR 225M per year.

Selected units in the surgical sector have improved Quality Defect Rates by 61% and Labor Productivity by 114%. As a result of this, there has been an improvement in Batch Travel Distance by 96%, Line Balancing Efficiency by 167%, Average Production per day by 76% and Manufacturing Lead Time Reduction by 93%. Two remaining surgical units will also achieve similar results by end of 2015 as they are now completing construction work.
The IE also conducted a half day training workshop for the study tour participants on “Preparation for Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Canton Fair” where the IE elaborated how companies should prepare themselves to participate in a trade fair.

As procurement of cutlery polishing machines is in process, the premises of the cutlery units were visited, where these machines are to be installed. The companies have renovated their buildings and have prepared spacious halls to install these machines. The electric wiring, lighting, ventilation and racks are being prepared and the machines will be installed during October 2015.

Forceps polishing after TRTA intervention

Inspecting Polishing Section-Surgical sector

Training-Prep for China-Fan Sector

Wouter at Surgical instruments manufacturing unit