Benchmarking the Excellence


Benchmarking needs a “HOME” to survive and develop beyond the timeframe. National Productivity Organization (NPO) is recognized as authentic national body equally popular in public and private sector; and has been closely involved in developing IT based benchmarking system; and besides building capacity, UNIDO is helping NPO to replicate this system in multiple sectors.

Benchmarking is a process of improvement in business efficiency by comparing an individual’s firm performance especially in UK, in best practice standards. Comprising both of manufacturing and agribusiness, these benchmarking exercises have lean production management techniques. Companies have found growth production, reduced costs, less time waste and raw materials. Benchmark is related to production, time quality, performance, skills, health and safety. Competitive benchmarking could provide Pakistani firms with means of comparing, and will help to answer questions such as “how well am I doing compared to others?”, and “how do I improve?” With raising costs with the lack of availability and reliability, this will help Pakistani firms increase their productivity, and profit.

The objective of UNIDO TRTA-II project is to develop a benchmarking system to improve business and input use efficiency in key pro-poor sectors. And will be tested on six key goods, fans, cutlery, surgical goods, Kino, mango and fisheries. Approaches will be transferable to the agricultural, industrial, and horticultural sectors; and for immediate impact on wealth in low income groups. National productive organization as an independent organization, is gaining respect of private sector. The UNIDO TRTA II project will aim at building the capacity of NPO by providing training and imparting experience to the technique of benchmarking.