Workshop: Road map for implementation of activities by the KPK Food Safety Authority

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UNIDO and EU funded Trade Related Technical Assistance Programme (TRTA II) arranged a training session for the officials of KPK government, on 30th September 2015 at PC Peshawar.
The aim of the workshop was to train the officials who will be involved in the institutional development of the KPK Food Authority. Dr. Ian Goulding headed the workshop. He is an International Expert in SPS and has worked in different countries all around the world for the strengthening of SPS controls.
The principal objective of the TRTA II Programme is that, through discussions amongst the key stakeholders from the Departments of Health, Food and Agriculture, as well as private sector food business operators and civil society representatives, an outline of a roadmap for the development of a Food Safety Authority be developed and to establish three working groups amongst these participants, under the leadership of the Directorate of Health. These working groups will work in tandem to propose revisions in the rules and regulations, institutional capacity building and development and food safety policy and strategy. The working groups will meet on a periodic basis to discuss these aspects and formulate comprehensive and implementable recommendations.
This will result in the establishment of Food Authority that conforms to best international practices and reflects the ground reality of ensuring compliance to food safety, animal and plant health.
Strengthening SPS controls aims at development of a Federal Food Safety Animal and Plant Health Regulatory Authority with implementing arms (Provincial Food Authority) in the provinces. This will, at the same time, help the Pakistani agro-based industry to prove compliance to SPS measures, reduce rejection rates and allow better market access.
Participants of this workshop included representatives from Health Department, Public Health officials from the DHO, Food and Sanitary inspectors from the DHO; Agriculture Department; Directorate of Animal Health; CEO Euro Industries, President of Kissan Alliance, representatives for Frontier Hotel & Restaurants; Karwan and Hotel Association, as well as senior faculty members from Department of Food Science & Technology, Agriculture University of Peshawar.