Training of the Inspectors of the Food and Health Departments of KPK

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International Expert in the Development of Training Facilities for Food Inspectors Dr Andrew Mathieson also conducted the training of Food Inspectors working with the Food and Health Departments of KPK government. Ten (10) Food Inspectors of Health Department and ten from the Food department attended the training. The faculty members of the Department of Food Science and Technology at UAP also participated in the training.

During the 3-day training, the International Expert elaborated the basic requirements of the inspection of the food establishments, procedures involved and the use of checklist to facilitate thorough inspection of a facility. He also demonstrated how to use the Food Inspection Kits to rapid analysis and collation of evidence.

The International Expert highlighted the importance of the inspection of the Food Establishments and trained the participants on the key aspects of inspection of the food establishments. The participants were trained on identifying the main causes of contamination of food and the food establishments. The participants were also trained on the current international best practices in Food Safety.

The participants were taken to the field visit on the last day of the training. The participants visit a Flour Mill and a Restaurant. The IE demonstrated the demonstrated the use of inspection.

Andrew Mathieson demonstrating the use of infrared thermometer as part of the training of food inspectors on use of the food inspection kit. Prof. Dr. Alam Zeb and Director Food Mr. Anwar Khan seated in the front row.

In situ training of inspectors at a local restaurant