Trade Time – Vol 4; Issue 1

I would like Pakistan to become a synonym and hallmark for standards and quality in the market place of the world.” This was the vision of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of the nation in 1948. Pakistan, however, still has some way to travel to achieve this objective.

To gain advantage of international trade, Pakistan has to offer superior performance compared to its competitors. A key element is to provide high quality products. Although the quality of products is the responsibility of the manufacturer, a quality infrastructure that supports manufacturing is essential. One would assume that the Quality Infrastructure (QI) is a stable environment – not so. These services have undergone massive changes in step with technological development. What was best of class in the past is, now, not even adequate. It is within this context that the National Quality Policy of Pakistan was developed wit inputs from a wide spectrum of stakeholders in the public and private sector. It provides guidance on the re-engineering of the quality infrastructure of Pakistan, and more importantly, is a blueprint for the revitalization of Pakistan’s waning technical regulation regime. Standards, metrology and accreditation, the three fundamental building blocks of the quality infrastructure, are in place. Now PSQCA, NPSL and PNAC have to enhance their international recognition and become more business friendly and less control oriented. Technical regulations in Pakistan are fragmented and ineffective. Overlaps leading to energy sapping confrontations amongst the regulatory agencies at both the federal and provincial levels abound, creating uncertainty in the market place. Conformity assessment is of a monopolistic kind, with regulatory agencies reluctant to accept anything other than their own. These conditions inevitably lead to increased transaction costs that consumers have to pay without being properly protected.


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