Trade Time – Vol 3; Issue 3

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Title PageEnhanced capacity and understanding of international trade issues by the relevant stakeholders in public and private sectors and their active collaboration for development of policies and export strategies can play pivotal role in enhancing exports and alleviation of poverty.

Consequently, the TRTA II Programme has worked towards sustainable capacity building of the stakeholders in Pakistan to enable them to formulate effective trade policies and integrate into the global value chains for enhancing export competiveness.

Inevitably, there are a number of prerequisites that impact the desired goal of export success. These include building the expertise of policy makers, which has to be in line with the constantly evolving trading system and development of domestic trade-related research capacity. The understanding of commercial dynamics and business implications of trade policy measures and regulatory frameworks are also required.

Whilst these prerequisites have been promoted in Pakistan to varying degrees of success, further efforts were required. To address this issue, TRTA II Programme designed interventions to address these prerequisites through carefully planned activities that complement the existing context. The aim was to build institutional capacity of Pakistani training and research institutes instead of concentrating on individual capacities which are difficult to consolidate.

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