Discussions Continue on Removing Fisheries Ban

Karachi Fish Harbour

Korangi PortThe discussions with the European Union (EU) to remove the ban on Pakistan’s fisheries exports is getting critical as E U’s FVO mission visit to Pakistan in the near future is not yet clear. Nevertheless, in a meeting between DG Marine Fisheries Department and TRTA experts in three weeks earlier , it was informed that the Mission can likely visit Pakistan at a 48 hour notice . This brings into account the need for more categorical and brisk preparation to fulfill the guarantees provided by MFD to the FVO mission after the visit after which Pakistan Government voluntarily imposed ban on export of fish and fishery product to EU countries from EU approved processing plants . Government of Pakistan has taken a series of steps since the last visit of EU Mission and some of these activities , particularly related to SPS issues have received technical assistance from TRTA I as well.

Karachi Fish HarbourTRTA II programme also envisages to provide technical assistance to both private and public sector stakeholders in their efforts of developing new landing jetties at Baba Bhit island near Karachi and, modification and improvement of landing sites at for small boats at Korangi harbor in an attempt to reduce overcrowding of boats at Karachi Fish Harbor The TRTA Ii program is also cooperating with Italian Debt Swap Fund and IFAD in their efforts to initiate and implement a coastal fisheries development programme in Balochistan.