Trade Time – Vol 3; Issue 1

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Fish Export to EU Fosters Improved Fishermen’s Livelihood

Trade Time - Vol 3; Issue 1
Trade Time – Vol 3; Issue 1

Evidentiary documents and assurances thereof from Competent Authority (CA) in Pakistan, guaranteeing strict compliance of international quality standards for export  quality seafood, leaving no complaint for European importers, has enabled Pakistan to exploit lucrative European Union (EU) markets once again after a seven year lapse.

The EU is by far, the world’s biggest importer of seafood and aquaculture products. The Fish Marketers from Pakistan will, however, face a major challenge when trying to understand the changes which have occurred in the EU market, in terms of both size and segmentation, during the lag period. The key to effective targeting lies in knowing just how valuable specific consumer groups are and then translating consumer’s trends in quantitative term.

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