European Union supports to develop National Quality Policy in Pakistan to promote access to global markets

Mr. Pierre Mayaudon, Deputy Ambassador EU Delegation to Pakistan addressing the concluding session of the Forum


Hon. Mir Changez Khan Jamali, Minister for Science & Technology addressing at the inaugral session of National Quality Forum

An inaugural session of National Quality Forum (NQF) was organized by the Ministry of Science & Technology in collaboration with the European Union funded TRTA II programme which is implemented by UNIDO.

 Hon. Mir Changez Khan Jamali, Federal Minister for Science and Technology said at the occasion that Pakistan’s government has outlined a comprehensive strategy with an aim to develop a fast-growing, internationally competitive, and export-driven industrial sector that helps in poverty reduction through the provision of adequate employment opportunities to the growing labour force. He further said that a National Quality Policy is essential to access global markets.

Mr. Ikhlak Ahmad Tarar, Secretray. Ministry of Science & Technology speaking at the Forum

Mr. Ikhlaq Ahmad Tarar, Secretary, Ministry of Science & Technology said that the strictness of technical regulations in food safety and agricultural health standards are major sources of concern among many developing countries. It was therefore proposed by the Ministry of Science & Technology that a National Quality Forum be held in Islamabad with the objectives to consider the role and benefits of the quality infrastructure in the socio-economic development of Pakistan; to  look into the services offered by the basic institutions of the quality infrastructure in the country, their situation and their needs; to investigate and propose measures that should be undertaken to ensure the continual improvement of those services as well as their sustainability.

Mr. Pierre Mayaudon, Deputy Ambassador EU Delegation to Pakistan addressing the concluding session of the Forum

Addressing the concluding session, the Deputy Ambassador of EU, Mr. Pierre Mayaudon said “The European Union is proud to support such a meaningful initiative as to promote a National Quality Policy in Pakistan. It will serve the overall purpose of better access of Pakistani products to the global market. In the context of EU encouraging trade with Pakistan, it is a timely step forward.”

 Dr. Ali Abbas Qazilbash, OIC, TRTA II programme said that other governments are pursuing good governance in order to integrate better with the international community, and establish policy frameworks conducive to social, ecological and market-economic development, they also realize that the establishment of an effective and efficient quality infrastructure contributes in no small way to good governance. An efficient quality infrastructure together with an effective technical regulation framework can promote the rule of law at the technology level to help alleviate poverty through socio-economic growth and stability.

Mr. Martin Kellermann – TRTA II International Expert sharing his findings with participants