Policy recommendations emanating from PPDs formally submitted to GoP

Co-chair of the Public Private Dialogue Steering Committee (PPDSC) and Director General of PITAD formally submitted to the government for consideration for implementation two policy recommendation papers titled  “Promoting Exports of Professional, Computer Related and Transport Services” and Enhancing Exports of Light Engineering and Textile Made-ups to the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Countries”.

It was decided to conduct two PPD processes one on enhancing exports in light engineering and textile made-up sectors to the ECO countries and the other on developing strategy to enhance exports in the three services sectors mentioned above during 2011.

A comprehensive consultation process was followed in which an extensive stakeholder identification and mapping was carried out in order to ensure the participation of all potential stakeholders in the process. Moreover a database of stakeholders comprising of federal government ministries and departments, provincial departments and authorities, trade associations, chambers of commerce and industry, individual firms, universities and independent research organizations was prepared.

A brief detailing the overall background and purpose of the PPD initiative as well specific information concerning the PPDs for 2011 was sent to about 750 of the above identified stakeholders. These stakeholders were invited to contribute their policy views on the identified topic areas through proposals, position papers or policy recommendations.

In addition to invitations to attend the PPD, summaries of the two draft policy recommendations research studies were shared with the stakeholders with the intention to inform and allow the invitees plenty of time to prepare for likely discussion areas in the PPD held in Islamabad. Stakeholders were further invited to complete and submit a short policy reform recommendations form.

Adequate opportunity was provided to the stakeholders to participate in the debate during the PPD either as panel discussants or during the open house discussion among the participants. A summary of the outcome of the PPD and stakeholder recommendations conveyed through the policy reform proposal forms was completed and shared with stakeholders with a request to provide any additional input.

Lastly, the findings and recommendations of the commissioned research studies, the received position papers and the outcome of the PPD discussion were produced in policy papers which were shared with the key stakeholders for their consideration and final comments.

The above process reflects adequate participation and engagement of all the stakeholders in the policy reform process so that the recommendations specifically focus at and address the needs of the stakeholders. After following the above procedures, the finalized recommendation papers were submitted to the Ministry of Commerce for consideration for implementation.